Sorting Booth Ventilation

In sorting booths, materials are manually inspected and sorted. Depending on the type of material to be sorted, the breathing air can be contaminated by germs. In order to improve working conditions and to uphold occupational health and safety regulations, sorting booth ventilation systems are used to supply the workplaces with fresh outside air.

Two variants are available, depending on the material sorting requirements:

Supply and Discharge Air Systems - Sorting Booth Ventilation

The air conditioning unit has a supply and exhaust air section. The supply air treatment is analogous to the pure supply air system.

The exhaust air is extracted below the conveyor belts and can optionally be used to preheat the supply air.

Supply Air Systems - Sorting Booth Ventilation

Using a supply air unit, the fresh air for the sorting booth is conditioned according to the desired situation.

In any case, the supply air flows are filtered and heated, and depending on the design, additionally cooled. Due to the special air flow, workplace areas are created in which the germ concentrations of the breathing air are reduced considerably.

The excess supply air mode of operation also minimizes the entry of polluted air into the sorting cabin.

And here's how it works:

The preparation of the outside air is done with an air conditioning unit that is tailored to the respective application. The cleaned, tempered outside air is led via a galvanized pipe system to the air supply elements, which help to create optimal breathing air conditions for the sorting personnel.

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