Dust Extraction Systems

Dust extraction systems are used in various industries, such as the waste, paper, metal or wood industry. They serve to separate dust from an exhaust air stream.

The right dust extraction technology is available for every application:

High-performance bag filter - Series RS

Our high performance bag filters have a dimensionally stable round construction including support foot construction. They function according to the downdraft principle. Depending on the application, you can choose between different types of bag filters (max. 80,000 m³/h per filter). Their discharge height is up to 30 m, which is possible without a separate chimney.

The reliable integrated compressed air cleaning system is controlled electronically. If required, the filter elements can be easily installed and removed on the clean air side. The filter bags are made of polyester needle felt which meet the highest requirements. On customer request, we can also supply special material combinations for specific applications. The filters are fastened & sealed by stainless steel snap rings, combined with an internal clamping collar.

Each filter is equipped with a ladder and walkway to ensure the best possible maintenance accessibility. Generously dimensioned raw air and clean air doors provide easy access to the interior of the filter. On the outside, high-quality coating systems guarantee comprehensive corrosion protection.

Activated charcoal filter

Activated charcoal filters are used in air conditioning and ventilation systems and effectively remove harmful gaseous air pollutants.

The activated charcoal is adapted to the specific substances to be separated and

  • absorbs harmful gases,
  • reduces odours and
  • cleans the supply and circulating air.

The stable steel construction of the activated charcoal filter enables easy filling and emptying of the activated charcoal via an integrated supply shaft with chutes (only one filling and emptying connection). The exchange of the charcoal fill takes place via gate valves and big bags. The activated charcoal filter housing also serves as a chimney base. Thus the chimney does not require any additional space.

The standard steel parts are protected against corrosion with high-quality undercoat & paint.

Advantages of the round design of bag and activated charcoal filters:

  • No demised corners, i.e. less risk of bridge formation and wall condensation
  • Maximum stability, i.e. no vibrating housing walls regardless of the vacuum levels or overpressure conditions
  • Problem-free realisation of a pressure shock resistant construction within dust explosion hazard areas
  • Housing wall thickness: 4–8 mm
  • Low wind load due to favourable form factor
  • Small footprint due to vertical construction
  • Activated charcoal filter can be easily retrofitted

The dust discharge can be optionally controlled via:

  • Tilting container with slide-gate valve,
  • Container (240 l) with slide-gate valve,
  • Rotary valve with Big Bag,
  • Rotary valve with worm gear

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