Vacuum separator (UDT)

Use and application

The vacuum separator* is used in specialist waste management operations that separate rubbish and waste. Films and other materials with large surface areas must first be separated from the material flow as these frequently lead to blockages in the downstream system units and impair the constant sorting process.

The vacuum separator achieves a high degree of separation of these materials with large surface areas through its new mode of operation and makes manual intervention unnecessary.

The dual separator (UDT) may be used for removal or to increase the quality in the ongoing separation process, if required.


The vacuum separator is characterised by its completely new, innovative design and functionality. It consists of either one or two rotating perforated drums that each have a vacuum and an overpressure area.

The material to be separated is fed into the UDT via a transport belt. The drum is at a specific distance from the conveyor belt. This clearance and the magnitude of the vacuum in the perforated drum ensure that the smaller (non-extensive) form parts, such as plastic containers, cardboard and other heavy substances fall down through the gap into a shaft to a disturbing substances belt due to their weight.

In contrast, materials with large surface areas are sucked and held against the drum by the vacuum and transported over the top in the drum's direction of movement. An overpressure area is located after passing the top of the perforated drum. The previously suctioned material is now detached at the desired location. The separated light solids and those with larger surface areas fall to the desired position as a result of the centrifugal force and the blowing effect.

The diameter, width and installation position of the perforated drum to the feed belt and the diameter of the perforations on the drum itself affect the separation result and are specifically adjusted to the user's solid flow (depending on the type and quantity).

The series connection of two perforated drums further improves the quality of the separation and relieves the downstream systems and units as films with large surface areas are removed from the material flow.

Vacuum separator dual
Scheme vacuum separator dual

Application examples

Vacuum separator dual
Vacuum separator
Detail of vacuum separator UDT details
Detail of vacuum separator
Look at the perforated drums
Drums of vacuum separator