Laboratory technology

We manufacture customised laboratory tables tailored to your application needs and delivered with 4 lockable castors (this allows the tables to be shifted when cleaning the floor).

Choice of laboraty tables of Schulz & Berger GmbH:

OP tables for animal laboratories / veterinary practices

  • Height adjustable, tiltable and pivotable
  • Lifting column, height electrically adjustable (design: customised)
  • Tabletop made of polypropylene, resistant to formalin and other solvents

Adsorption preparation table with suction for the targeted capture and separation of preservatives

  • stable construction with four lockable castors
  • upper section consists of a secretion tub with drainage nozzles and circumferential suction slot, inspection door for servicing the adsorption and ventilator unit with fitted electrical circuitry
  • Adsorption system installed in the lower section and a slide-in cupboard each with two adsorption granulate layers for the gradual separation of phenol, ethanol in special activated carbon, formaldehyde in catalytically impregnated aluminium oxide
  • no exhaust system required
  • flexible application and can be used regardless of location
  • can be adapted to body size and task (motorised height adjustment, removable pack frame)
  • more cost-effective overall: No planning costs, no exhaust system required, 220V socket is sufficient, low space requirement, energy consumption only required in part

Scissor lift table for universal application

  • Robust scissor lift table for universal application
  • Hydraulically height adjustable from 700 - 1200 mm, tabletop can be tilted up to 20°
  • Manufactured completely of stainless steel (other materials on request)
  • Tabletop: customised (e.g. Trespa, stainless steel)
  • Carrying capacity: up to 500 kg

Application examples

Laboratory table
Laboratory table
Adsorption preparation table made of stainless steel
Adsorption preparation table made of stainless steel
Scissor lift table
Scissor lift table
Scissor lift table
Scissor lift table