activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filter AR for the efficient separation of gaseous air pollution. These are often damaging to the health of humans, animals and plants. Activated carbon has proven to be an effective medium against these gases and is therefore used in air-conditioning and ventilation systems to reduce odours, to absorb dangerous gases and to purify the air by cleaning the supply and circulating air.

Design of the activated carbon filter:

  • Housing in stable steel sheet construction
  • Depressurised by TÜV-tested bursting discs
  • Highest quality activated carbon fill and adapted to the separating solvents
  • Optimised inflow to the carbon fill
  • Corrosion protection of the normal steel parts with high-quality coating system
  • Replacement of the carbon fill via gate valves and big bags
  • Filter type: AR
  • Volume flow: 1,000 - 250,000 m³ / h
  • Operating pressure differential approx. 300 Pa
  • Relative humidity < 60%
  • Solids content in the gas flow: < 2 mg/Nm³
  • Colour shade arbitrary according to RAL
  • Easy filling and emptying of the activated carbon through the integrated supply slot with chutes (only one filling and discharge nozzle)
  • Minimal floor space thanks to standing construction of the activated carbon filter/dust filter
  • No additional space required for the chimney as the activated carbon filter housing is also the chimney base
Scheme of activated carbon filter
Scheme of activated carbon filter

Application example

Activated carbon filter
Activated carbon filter