Three-fraction classifier

The three-fraction classifier, for which a patent is pending, is another innovation from Schulz & Berger.

The system is primarily used in waste management companies and separates heterogeneous material flows into three fractions. It achieves a high degree of purity of the individual fractions at the end of the separating process.

The three-fraction classifier can be used up to a throughput of 20 tonnes per bulk density.

The introduced material flow is separated by a specific airflow within the classifier. An adjustable parting arbor made of stainless steel allows the system to be adjusted to various materials.

Various conveyor belts, or containers or bunkers, transport the heavy and medium fractions away. The super-light fraction is sucked out via a pneumatic transport.

The three-fraction classifier is characterised by:

  • a compact design
  • extremely high degree of separation
  • high availability and low cleaning expense
Three-fraction classifier system
Three-fraction classifier system