The newly developed "Nierensichter" bulk material primarily in the medium grain lines of waste management.

An innovative design and functionality with a cyclone-like operation enables the separation of a heterogeneous material flow, which consists of various fractions, into individual components.

After successful separation the heavy fractions are transported away over conveyor belts. The light fraction is sucked away.

The "Nierensichter" provides:

  • a high degree of separation purity into individual fractions (film output up to 92%),
  • a reduction of hard plastic losses,
  • high efficiency,
  • a compact design,
  • significantly less blockages on the classifier head.

A diverse range of setting options ensures that the kidney classifier adapts to various customer requirements.

The "Nierensichter" can be easily integrated into existing air classifier systems in order toconsiderably improve their efficiency.

"Nierensichter" system
"Nierensichter" system

Installation example