Schulz & Berger Luft- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Schulz und Berger Luft- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is an owner-operated company with its registered office in the heart of Central Germany. We have been working towards cleaner air for the environment and in the workplace for over 60 years!

Our customers value our innovation, quality and reliability.



Dedusting systems are used in various industrial areas. They separate dust particles from an exhaust air current.

Classifier systems

Air classifiers are used in waste management to separate substances of varying density (heavy and light matter).

Sorting cabin ventilation

The material flows are manually controlled and sorted in the sorting cabins. This may lead to the pollution of the inhaled air, e.g. by germs, depending on the type of material to be sorted.

Research and development

Innovation is reflected in our way of thinking and in our products.
We work on new products together with research institutes in order to better serve our customers.


Vacuum separator (UDT)

Vacuum separator (UDT) of Schulz & Berger

The UDT is characterised by its completely new, innovative design and functionality.

Its innovative mode of operation means that it can achieve a high degree of separation of materials with large surface areas, in waste sorting systems for example. more

Expanded production programme

Once the firm, Adam Tank- und Apparatebau, ceases manufacturing at the end of the year, Schulz und Berger will take over at its manufacturing site, in Hohenmölsen.

From Old to New

We upgrade your existing light fraction separator into the new hinged separator and adjust the transport and return piping accordingly.

Everything from one source

We design, plan, manufacture and assemble ventilation systems and customised solutions for you. more


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